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For domestic dwellings and small scale commercial premises without access to mains drainage, the Clearwater sewage treatment plant provides an economical and environmentally way of disposing of wastewater.

Clearwater sewage treatment plantClearwater has for over 30 years been at the forefront in the manufacture of sewage treatment plants and underground tanks, and is a preferred supplier for drainage specialists working in the domestic sewage treatment sector.


Providing Full Treatment

Specifically designed to receive all of the wastewater from the serving property including kitchen, utility and bathrooms, the Clearwater sewage treatment plant treats the receiving effluent at source, and discharges a final effluent which is clear, odourless and suitable for discharge direct to a natural watercourse or underground soakaway.  Under normal domestic conditions the Clearwater system will produce a final effluent of 20mg/lt BOD, 30mg/lt S.S., 20mg/lt Ammonia. 


Certificated to European Standard EN-12566-3

In 2005, a new European Performance Standard was introduced.  EN-12566-3 requires manufacturers to submit their product to a testing facility that accurately measures the performance of treatment plants up to 50PE (population equivalent.

These tests identify how much pollution the treatment plant removes from the sewage, what level of maintenance is required, and what power is absorbed. 

By holding EN-12566 certification, the Clearwater sewage treatment plant is approved for an exemption from a permit to discharge under the new EPP2 environmental legislation.


clearwaterbrochuresthumbFeatures & Benefits

  • Compact and simple design provides ‘value for money’;
  • Installed below ground providing low visual impact on surroundings;
  • Lockable child-proof pedestrian duty cover - safe for children and pets;
  • No mechanical or electrical components within the underground treatment zone;
  • The air blower is both quiet and economical with low running costs;
  • Supplied, installed and commissioned by experienced MANTAIR fully trained engineers;
  • Easy to maintain with annual desludge.


Three Stage Treatment Process

The Clearwater sewage treatment plant is a ‘single tank’ system using a Biological Filter Process.  Within the Clearwater system there are three treatment zones.  Within the primary zone coarse solids are filtered and retained for gradual breakdown, whilst the resulting liquid is continuously distributed over a plastic biological suspended filter by an integral airlift, powered by a remote air blower.  The biological filter is designed to promote the growth of aerobic micro-organisms which ‘treat’ the liquids.  Within the final settlement zone fine solids settle to the floor leaving the resulting liquids as the treated final effluent, which is discharged from the system. 


Design & Installation

Cont Div LogoAs approved service provider for Clearwater products, MANTAIR provides a professional service for the distribution, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Clearwater sewage treatment systems.  This includes an initial site survey to discuss the requirements of the client and to obtain the information required to ensure a trouble – free installation. 


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